Clinical Psychology

David W. McMillan, PhD.

Why consult me?

I love the people who see me. Since I have over thirty-five years experience, people who come to see me usually work through their issues in a few sessions. The reason people spend less time in therapy with me is because I listen carefully but I am more than a potted plant. I participate actively in the session. When I’m not seeing people, I write. Because I have written a great deal about the psychotherapy experience, I offer opportunities to read, develop new skills and practice what you are learning between sessions.


My Practice

I have a general practice. I especially enjoy working with complex systems, couples, families, businesses and court-related problems. Often people come to see me to work on relationships. Since I have written two books on the subject and I work constantly on my marriage to Marietta Shipley, I can be helpful as people think with me about their important relationships.


My Professional History

My years as a psychologist have provided me with a wide range of professional experiences as a Kennedy Center Scientist at Vanderbilt, as the clinical director of an eating disorder program, as a co-director of a program for domestic violence, as a teacher at Fisk University and an adjunct faculty member at Vanderbilt University. I have been a part of a team teaching mediation training at Lipscomb University. I have consulted with corporations and small businesses. I have played the role of coach/facilitator on a professional team with divorcing clients, attorneys, a financial consultant and sometimes a child development specialist. I often consult with attorneys and their clients in divorce and the courts in other ways.


My Approach to Consultation

As a therapist, I consider myself more of a coach than an analyst. I don’t believe I know the secret to life. I consider myself as learning from my personal journey as well as the therapeutic journey we take together. I think I may learn as much from your work as you do from me. I respect you as the ultimate authority of your thoughts, experience and feelings. I feel fortunate to have participated in this learning, growing process with so many people.


My Staff

I know I have accomplished one great thing in my professional life. I hired and have worked with Gloria Ebarb as my office manager for eighteen years. Gloria takes care of all of the details of my practice. I come to work every day and do what she tells me to do next.


My Writings

For those of you interested in my writings. I have published two books. They can be purchased on Amazon or from my office.  I have written other books that are for sale on this website and I have available for free the academic articles I have published as a community psychologist.


Contents of Webpage

Please check out the other pages on my website. They include my biography, my curriculum vitae, other writings, my blog, books for sale, client forms and fee schedule.


Contact Information

Thank you for visiting my website and reading this far.  Please call 615-327-2183 or email me at

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