About Dr. McMillan

Who is (Dr.) David W. McMillan? He has a Ph.D. from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. He was a Kennedy Center Scientist. He completed his clinical internship training through Stanford University at the Palo Alto Veteran’s Administration Hospital. He is the author of two books, and several psychology articles.

Though these things helped him obtain a Tennessee license as a clinical/ community psychologist and Dr. McMillan is proud of these achievements and grateful for all those who taught him, these things are only part of the things that developed his skills as a professional.

Dr. McMillan is most proud of his twenty year marriage to Judge Marietta Shipley. This marriage helped Dr. McMillan consolidate what he learned in his two prior divorces. Much of this is contained in his book Create Your Own Love Story.

As a boy Dr. McMillan was full of energy. If he were raised today he would have been diagnosed ADD or ADHD. He hated school. He loved sports. He had significant reading problems. This growing up experience helped him understand the struggles of families and their children.

Dr. McMillan’s grandfather suffered from psychosis and depression. His father had a serious problem with anger. He learned compassion for people who struggle with their emotions. This inspired him to write his second book Emotion Rituals.

When Dr. McMillan was fourteen he lost his beloved nineteen-year-old brother, Bill. His six-year younger sister, Betsy, was born with Downs Syndrome. Dr. McMillan was her primary caregiver for thirty-years until she died at fifty years old.

What Dr. McMillan wants you to know about him is that he, like you, has been and continues to work to transform his pain into personal wisdom. He is happy to participate in this process with you.

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